Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that can have beneficial effects for a variety of muscle and joint conditions. An osteopath will spend time talking with you to understand more about you and your symptoms, along with your medical history and lifestyle. I will carry out a thorough examination which will involve touching the area of the body that hurts, and some general movement and specific testing if required. This will help me to provide as accurate a diagnosis as possible for the cause of your pain.

I may ask about other influences which may affect you, such as your daily activities, hobbies, your diet and sleeping patterns. Sometimes the cause of the problem may be in a different area to the pain, so I may examine your whole body.

Osteopaths use a wide range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles and mobilising joints. This is often used together with exercise and helpful advice designed to help you manage your pain, keep active and maintain the best of health. Your treatment will be tailored to you as an individual, and this helps to ensure you are comfortable with the treatment plan. In some instances, you may be referred you to your GP for further investigation.

Some of the things osteopathy can help with are:

generalised aches and pains including arthritic pain

back and neck pain

headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic) / migraine prevention

frozen shoulder / shoulder and elbow pain / tennis elbow

circulatory problems

muscle spasms

minor sports injuries and tensions

Close up of detail of female physiotherapist doing shoulder blade treatment on patient.

You can find more information about the things we treat here: www.osteopathy.org/what-we-treat

Frequently asked questions:

A. In most cases your initial consultation will last up to 60 minutes and include some treatment unless I feel further investigation is needed.

A. Osteopathic treatment is designed to be a gentle whole body approach to manual therapy, however some patients may find some treatment techniques uncomfortable and I will talk to you about this as I treat. We are all different! and treatment varies between patients. You may experience mild discomfort afterwards, but in most cases this will resolve within 24-48 hours. 

A. Osteopaths are commonly known for treating back pain and postural problems including changes due to pregnancy, caused by driving or work strain, the pain of arthritis and minor sports injuries. Patients have also found osteopathy helpful for conditions such as headaches, digestive issues, circulatory problems, neuralgia and problems sleeping.

I will carry out a postural assessment which involves looking at how you move and stand, so I will ask you to undress to your underwear. You can bring some shorts or other clothes you feel comfortable in to change into. If you don't feel comfortable doing this we can treat you clothed, but remember that some items of clothing, such as jeans, can restrict your movement. A gown will be available for you to wear if you prefer.

A. You are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment, and children under 16 years of age do require a parent or guardian present for us to be able to see them.

Guidelines for clinic attendance in light of Covid-19

The challenging times we have been experiencing have made it necessary to bring in some changes to the way I work. Your safety and of course your health is my greatest concern.

We all have a part to play in minimising the risk of transmission. The following steps will be in place to minimise the risk of face to face treatment to both you and myself.

What has changed?

  • Pre-screening all patients – All patients will receive a screening checklist with each appointment booking which will need to be completed and submitted online ahead of your appointment.
  • If you are a new patient it may be necessary to discuss your issue over the phone prior to attending. If you would prefer not to visit the clinic, an online appointment can be arranged.
  • PPE – I may look a little different to normal as I am required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to help to protect both you and ourselves.
  • Increased cleaning regime – A 30 minute gap between each appointment will be implemented to allow enhanced cleaning and airing of the room. Soft furnishings have been removed so that all surfaces can be effectively sanitised.
  • Contactless pre-payment - When you book your appointment online, I now ask that you also pay for your treatment at the same time. This is because it will remove the need to touch the card reader after treatment. I think you’ll agree that the fewer things you need to touch when you visit me, the better.

How can you help?

  • Do not book or arrive for your appointment if you or a member of your household has any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment, and I ask that you either wait in your car or stand back from the front door. I will call you in when my hygiene procedures have been properly carried out. This will also reduce the amount of time you are in contact with others.
  • Please leave belongings at home or in the car. Items such as bags, coats, umbrellas etc provide additional contact points for virus transmission and cannot be sanitised.
  • I would ask that only the patient attend the appointment, unless a chaperone is required, in which case please let me know in advance of arrival.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing to avoid the need to undress.
  • Make use of the hand sanitiser on entering the clinic
  • Please bring a face covering with you, one will be provided for a small cost of £1 if you do not have access to one. You will need to have this in place before entering the clinic.
  • If within 2 days of your appointment you develop symptoms of Covid-19, please inform me so that I can follow Government guidelines and continue to look after patient safety.
  • Please be assured that I will be monitoring my own health daily.

I am hopeful that these measures will only be in place for the short term. Of course, none of us yet know how long this will be, so again, please do bear with me during this transition period. I know that this may all seem a little strange, and this ‘new normal’ will take a little while for us all to get used to. However every change is made with the safety of all parties in mind, and I am grateful to you for diligently adhering to these guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at info@eastwoodosteopathy.com